We Make Sick Threads For Those Sick Lads.

Based In Australia. BENZENE Is a Lifestyle Clothing Brand Inspired By The Urban Streetwear & Casual Lifestyle Culture.

Originally - Benzene as a word is a powerful liquid formed from natural processes like volcanoes and forest fire. Also presents in crude oil and petroleum. In other words, Benzene is a classic source of power.

Similarly, is our concept - Our concept started with the idea of creating a brand for those who have serious interests to stand out. ‘Make Your Vibe‘ isn’t about us directing the people it's about inspiring the people to direct their own life-story.To be who they are their own direction .  #iambenzene

Our rad mix of simplicity and uniqueness is what empowered our signature to grab attention since day one. Also our culture is a classic medley of everyone’s culture - Just like our family which is expanding to include a wicked mix of musicians, designers, photographers and more humans who don’t play by anyone’s rules.


-  Welcome  To  Benzene  -