Australia Post Joins Elite Group Of Companies Testing Drone Delivery

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           Australia Post Joins Elite Group Of Companies Testing Drone Delivery
Everywhere we turn, drones are being discussed.  From using them to document global excursions and weddings to fighting terrorism, drones are an of-the-moment technology that’s growing exponentially in popularity and usefulness.  As of late, drone delivery has become the latest way for businesses to chase success and stay ahead of the pack when it comes to innovation. 
Australia Post
Australia Post is currently in the midst of a two-week trial of drone delivery.  During this test, the company is using the drones to make twice-weekly deliveries to rural locations.  If successful, delivery options could be greatly expanded for those outside of major metropolitan areas.  And customers could soon see their boxes dropping from the sky instead of being handed off from a truck.
 The Australia Post drone delivery test is just the latest after a host of companies like Amazon, Google, and Maersk, have led similar tests.
 In addition to just being a really cool way to receive packages, drone delivery increases prospects for these companies.  The ability to reach new consumers means more profits in the long run. 
It's Not That Easy !
 However, issues have arisen with the governing bodies of airspace.  In the US specifically, the FAA has been at odds with Amazon over regulations concerning the airspace in which the drones will fly.  The online retailing juggernaut has suggested that piloted aircraft should stay above 500 feet so drones could occupy the space between 200 to 400 feet.
 The concerns are seemingly valid as a widely reported drone accident just took place April 17.  A drone crashed into a British Airways passenger jet as it was landing at Heathrow Airport.  Though no one was injured and the plane suffered no serious damage, the incident is a prime example of why regulations must exist and what dangers await if regular drone delivery becomes standard practice.
 While the end result of the Australia Post test remains unseen, here’s hoping that the innovative technology leads to more positive advancements for commerce.

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