Australian Resume Guide 2016 - How to Write Your Best Resume Yet !

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Australian Resume Guide 2016 - How to Write Your Best Resume Yet !

Every year new college graduates enter the workforce. And a resume would be the only document that can represent you and make you stand out against your competition. Those pages of paper and the time that the hiring officer will spend looking it over, could determine if you will land the job.

This Australian Resume Guide is intended for those who are looking for tips and tricks to perfect their resume. Remember though that each application process is different from industry to industry. Familiarize yourself on how making an excellent resume according to your career of choice before you start sending them to recruiters.

Avoid Filler Information

The only purpose of a resume is to get you that interview. Thus, it is important to make your resume appear strong during your journey looking for a job in Australia. Avoid filler information such as seminars you attended in college that do not answer the requirement of the job you are applying to. If you are applying as a Web Designer then you can just show your sample portfolio, rather than including too much seminar that are not related to the field.

Be Keen to Details

Keep away from any grammatical errors on your resume. Make sure that you review your paper before printing. Don’t create a resume that uses informal fonts, background colors and more that can make your paper look distracting. Focus on the content of your paper and always give your present information first and the value of your work experience next.

Dos and Don’ts in Resume Writing To Build Your Career In Australia

  • Do use an appropriate email address that shows your name only. Stop using that embarrassing high school email address you once owned.
  • Don’t use your Facebook profile photo as a resume Remember that the photo in your resume gives the prospective employer a first look at the candidate.
  • Do include your working experience that relates to the job you are applying to and be specific with the job you have handled.
  • Don’t exaggerate when it comes to your skills. Add only those skills that are relevant such as software and hardware tools you are knowledgeable with.

Remember that how well your resume is written can determine can get you noticed and land an interview. Creating a professional-looking resume doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. Just remember the rules above and you are good to go.

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