Men's Health Week Australia 2015 - Must-See Events This June

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The Men’s Health Week Australia 2015

The Men’s Health Week Australia 2015 event this June is packed with fitness programs and activities that will help you stay fit and healthy. Meet like-minded Aussies at this event, and you’re sure to spend an enjoyable time for this cause!

Health should of course always be your top priority, and it’s good to know that Australia supports this initiative. Remember, due to certain innovations today, almost everything you eat and drink could contain chemicals and preservatives that often lead to the weakening of your body and immune system. This is why many health practitioners around the world have devised events and programs to increase health awareness among people, and a good example of these events is Men’s Health Week Australia 2015…

About The Health Week

This event is part of the International Men’s Health Week initiative, which was launched on 2002, led by Men’s Health Network. This event is held every year on the month of June for one week, and is currently participated by more than 20 countries that believe men’s health is vital for a productive society…

The goal of this event is to raise awareness on a global scale regarding the health issues that most men around the world are currently facing. Another objective is to find ways on how to prevent these issues…

The Men’s Health Week Australia 2015 event will enable men, both single and married, to freely talk about their health concerns and seek advice from experts on what to do. This encourages men, women and even kids to be aware of the health and welfare of the men in their lives. Through these events, families are given the chance to bond with each other and do healthy activities!


The Men’s Health Week Australia 2015 event will be held on June 15 to 21. Themed “MoMENts in Time”, this event will show that no matter how busy you are, and no matter how big the difficulties you may be facing right now — You should still dedicate more than enough time for your health and wellness. There will be a lot of enjoyable activities at this event, including running for a cause, preparation of a healthy breakfast for men and a lot more!

The Men’s Health Week Australia 2015 event will surely give you the results that you want. Check out for more information about this cool event and take part of this international movement. Are you going? We’d love to hear your comments…

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