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                   The Cook’s Grocer Opens A Cooking School 
Fresh food store The Cook’s Grocer is taking its meal prep mission one step further with a cooking school. 
The Cook’s Grocer, located across from the Rozelle markets in Sydney, opened in 2014.  Founders Elizabeth Master and Tim Ryder wanted to simplify cooking for the average person. The store designs meals for its customers, gathers and measures the meal’s ingredients, and delivers them straight to your kitchen. 
The cooking school will feature intimate classes from celebrity chefs, authors, and health enthusiasts including Clean Living Cookbook author Scott Gooding and Bodypass founder Carla McMillan.  The classes are focused on preparing meals in less than 30 minutes, nourishment, and seasonal cooking.  The purpose of these classes is to provide a hands-on experience for current customers by providing them with basic culinary skills and quick tips.
Nice And Easy Meals 
Two meals will be demonstrated for those in attendance.  Then, students will be given ingredients to take home and get to work on recipes with their newly learned skills. 
Master and Ryder source The Cook’s Grocer products from a variety of sources.  Produce is stocked from available markets in Sydney.  Meat is sourced from NSW farmers at Origins Meats.  Seafood is sourced from Di Costi.  And last but not least, numerous extras are sourced from Alexandria’s Salt Meats Cheese. 
Sample dishes that have been offered for customers have included angel-hair pasta with crab, chili, lime and rocket as well as pancetta, zucchini, and pea rigatoni.  For those who want to enjoy the service but not the cooking classes, they can head to to sign up for a recurring meal plan or shop a la carte. 
Classes run once a week on Wednesdays from 6:45-8pm and are offered at a fraction of the cost of normal cooking classes at a range of $49-69.  Interested participants can book their classes online.

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