Men's Health News - South Australian Men's Health Research Symposium

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Men's Health News — South Australian Men's Health Research Symposium

This men’s health news resource covers a diverse range of topics that include lifestyle, diet and medical conditions that require special attention. Of particular interest to many men this year is URO reproductive health, a topic discussed during the last symposium held under the aegis of the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) for the national Men’s Health Week.

More About URO Reproductive Health and Other Men’s Health News in Australia This Year

URO reproductive health concerns cover a wide range of difficulties that relate to men’s sexual satisfaction, and the onset of these difficulties that can start at any age. Some of the reproductive health issues that affect men can vary from temporary conditions, such as erectile dysfunction to life threatening issues like prostate cancer. Many men’s health news resources continue to focus on these conditions that are specific to the male gender…

  • Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is experienced by many men at certain periods in their life, and the possible causes can vary along with physical and psychological issues. Psychological factors include stress, anxiety about sexual performance, and unresolved issues within a relationship, while physical causes are mostly due to illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and prostate cancer, including medications that cause temporary impotence.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) like genital herpes, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis, and gonorrhea are passed on through sexual contact, as well as skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. The signs and symptoms of these diseases may not be apparent in your partner or in yourself, and the only way to find out is to submit to medical tests. It is best to avoid sexual intercourse or any kind of sexual activity until your doctor clears you.
  • Testicular Pain is a serious condition that requires medical attention. The testicles are very sensitive, and pain may be in either one or both. The pain can develop slowly after a chronic infection, or it can be sudden and acute due to trauma. Urinary tract infections, mumps, and prostatitis are the common causes of testicular pain, and submitting to a physical examination is best in order to rule out the possibility of testicular torsion, a condition where the blood supply to the testicles is cutoff.
  • Prostate Cancer grows in the prostate, which is a gland in the male reproductive system. It is the most common cancer in men, and the risks of contracting it increase with age. Symptoms are not apparent during its initial stages, but the progressive disease is indicated by frequent urination at night, hesitancy or difficulty when starting to urinate, and a weak flow while urinating.

This men’s health news resource focuses on issues that affect many Aussies as they age. A lot of these issues are being addressed through the concerted efforts of medical professionals, educational institutions and government health services…

In South Australia, the symposium held during the National Men’s Health Week also discussed issues about cancer, mental health, addictive behaviors, disease risks and health services. This men’s health news resource will continue exploring these concerns to provide you with information that’s vital to your health. Let us know what you want to learn, and your comments may be the next topic of discussion here!

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