3 Amazing Melbourne First Date Ideas Worth Trying

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3 Amazing Melbourne First Date Ideas Worth Trying

Melbourne is a home for great first date places. It has several tourist-friendly destinations, dining spots and diverse attraction offerings. Going out with somebody special for the first time can be tough especially for men. You undergo with a lot of decision-making where to go, what to do and when is the best time to invite her. So to help you handle the frustrations, this post shows a list of well-suggested first date places and first date ideas either outdoor or indoor.

Go for a Classic First Date

A dinner together will always be a classic first date idea. You can easily build a connection with someone because you have the privacy to share your stories while having the best dinner ever. Siglo Rooftop in Spring Street Melbourne has been the traditional location for a first date. The place is stylish and beautiful. You can reserve a table on the rooftop for a more romantic vibe and enjoy a nice dinner while chatting.

Local Music Night

The right music and the right venue can make your first date memorable. It offers the right balance of conversation and pleasant music in the ears. Northside at Coburg Night Market Fridays is the place to be to take your date for a great party with street food, local live music, drinks and picnic tables. For more information about Coburg Night Market, please have a look at Coburg Night Market website.

Skate Date

A not so typical first date idea is ice-skating. It is fun and perfect for women who love to be active. An afternoon in Medibank Icehouse can be the answer. You can skate hand in hand under the light and the tune of romantic music. This first date idea is set to be unforgettable and a great opportunity to get to know each other. For more information about Medibank Icehouse, please have a look at Icehouse website.

A good first date allows for conversation and lets you focus on knowing more about your date. It should be a moment of comfort and relaxation wherein you don’t feel any pressure to tell stories and information about yourself. Each first date idea will work for every type of girl so better assess what she really wants before planning the date. And remember Melbourne always has a lot to offer.

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