Men's Health News Australia - Hottest Fitness Trends for Men This 2016

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Men's Health News Australia - Hottest Fitness Trends for Men This 2016

This men’s health news Australia resource provides up-to-date fitness programs that can help you effectively shape up and improve your overall physical and mental health. Remember, your health should always be your top priority…

You may also think that being in shape automatically makes you healthy. This isn’t always the case. Being healthy means all your body functions are doing well, and you seldom get injured or get sick. Being fit, on the other hand, means toned muscles and proper weight maintenance…

According to many men’s health news Australia resources, a lot of men in Australia today are becoming significantly more aware of their health and are also aiming to shape up and properly maintain their ideal weight. For you to function 100% efficiently, health and fitness should always go hand in hand. You should remember that it is not enough to have proper diet. The body needs more than that, which is why you need to exercise.

Many reports show that more Australian men this 2016 are inclined to shape up than to improve their overall physical and mental health. This means many just go directly to the gym without sufficient knowledge on how each specific gym exercise can affect particular parts of the body.

What Is Functional Fitness

According to Bruce Ritchie, a popular editor in chief of a widely read Australian Men’s Health Magazine, a new fitness trend is gaining popularity this 2015. This is called “FUNCTIONAL FITNESS”…

Functional Fitness involves activities that are different from those performed for normal gym exercises. In this fitness program, exercises are regular activities that you usually do on a daily basis. Examples include lifting things here and there, climbing the stairs, doing household chores and doing the laundry. These exercises are designed with movements similar to these activities so as to have your body more acquainted to it. This is because your body has been quite accustomed to those movements each day and actually feels compelled to do it!

This personal training program allows you to use many muscles simultaneously. This is in contrast to traditional gym exercises, which focus on one muscle group at a time…

Some men’s health news Australia resources claim that this kind of personal training has a lot of benefits. For one, these exercises are simple and straightforward enough for almost everybody to follow. Aside from not needing any gym equipment to do these exercises, it has better coverage than those tiresome gym activities. You can also do well with just minimal guidance from your fitness trainer because your regular day to day activities are the core of your fitness program.

Do you have experience in doing these functional fitness exercises? Care to tell us your results? We’d greatly appreciate your comments. Your thoughts and ideas will help us provide more significant pieces of information about this functional fitness program in our next post for this men’s health news Australia resource!

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