The Most Wicked & Easy Ways To Improve Your Urban Clothing Look

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                                 The Most Wicked & Easy Ways To Improve Your Urban Clothing Look 
With so many men’s fashion buzzwords bouncing around from athleisure to streetwear, it’s hard to tell the difference between them and how to pull off the looks.  The urban clothing look is one that has a specific aesthetic rooted in its 90s hip hop and R&B beginnings.  While guidelines for rocking urban clothing don’t get terribly specific, there are some quick and easy ways to ensure you don’t miss a beat.
1. Mix High and Low
You’ve likely heard this phrase before.  Mixing high and low is all about building a cohesive look built from both high-end and discount pieces.  For example, pairing a $200 jacket with a pair of $20 joggers is the epitome of high and low.  As long as your look tells a clear story, luxury and discount brands can play side by side in your outfit.
2. Throw In Some Pops Of Color
Where streetwear almost demands black or dark solid colors, urban clothing is about brighter color.  From bright red high top sneakers to neon prints to brightly colored jerseys, urban clothing isn’t afraid of a little pop color.
3. Keep Things Laidback
If urban clothing is representative of anything, it’s a laidback lifestyle.  It’s no fuss.  This isn’t about being dressing up.  While some aspects of the style may pull inspiration from high-end Ready-To-Wear, a tie around your neck means you’re too buttoned up.  Avoid ties, pocket squares, and similar accessories if you want to achieve this look.
Most Importantly !
4. Stay Simple
Urban clothing isn’t about complication.  It’s not about matching a sock color to a tie.  It’s not about the perfect break in a suit pant.  It’s about effortless cool.  It’s about comfort.  It’s about a lifestyle that exists outside of high fashion.  To pull off the look, avoid any excessive layering or heavy accessories.
Though there aren’t many urban clothing rules, these style tricks will definitely help you pull off the look at an expert level.
Nailing the streetwear style trend isn’t just about getting comfortable.  It’s about doing so in style. Check out Benzene Collections regularly for the latest Sick Streetwear Clothing and Accessories.
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