Essential Guide to 2016 Australian Streetwear Fashion

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Essential Guide To 2016 Australian Streetwear Fashion

Streetwear fashion has been known as a distinctive style in fashion. It constantly evolves and undergoes a creative direction with the many street trends we have to date. Streetwear is best described as putting casual and comfortable pieces such as jeans, T-shirts or sneakers. 

Aussies who like to know more about streetwear fashion can find below tips helpful. This is a useful list of the essential items you need to have if you are into Australian Streetwear Culture.

Tops To Wear

The Streetwear style needs not to be too planned out. Just keep it simple, direct and clean. Basic tees are a must-have for they can be easily worn and paired with any bottom clothing. If you want more option, then look for good quality graphic tees that can amplify your daily look.

On The Right Bottom Wears

Street style is all about comfort so make sure to choose bottoms that flatter your body figure. Invest in a pair of jeans that looks sharp and polished. Comfortable joggers such as sweatpants can also be a good purchase too for a better streetwear wardrobe.

Shoes on the other hand, are considered as a huge staple in the Australian streetwear scene. Choose what can be very versatile in any outfit or occasion. Vans, Converse Chuck Taylor and Nike are the top designer’s choice for street fashion.


When it comes to the 2016 Australian headwear trends - we are talking about snapbacks and bucket hats. Those are the ABC essentials for The 2016 Australian Streetwear Style for the majority of Australian casual mens, skateboarders, and other Australian party gurus.

Getting into the streetwear fashion is easy. Just remember to prioritize comfort over style. How you wear the look will make you stand out from the crowd. Check out Benzene Collections regularly for the latest Sick Streetwear Clothing and Accessories.

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