First Vans Pro Skate Park Series Event Takes Place In Melbourne

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                 First Vans Pro Skate Park Series Event Takes Place In Melbourne 
The much buzzed-about Vans Pro Skate Park Series kicked off its five-stop global competition in Melbourne at the legendary St. Kilda Skatepark.  Unlike other skate competitions that limit competitors to ‘street’ or ‘vert’ styles, this one was all about skating on whatever surface was available.  The style is otherwise known as ‘park’.  The event served as a qualifier for the August 20th final in Malmö, Sweden.  
Chris Russell (USA) skated to a landslide victory and claimed the $75,000 prize, racking up 89.67 points.  In distant second was Pedro Barros (Brazil) with 84.67 points, and Kevin Kowalski evened things out in third with 83.03 points.  The top five skaters from this qualifier will all go on to compete in the finals against the top 15 pre-seeded pros.  Prize totals for the complete series total out at more than $500,000. 
The ultimate goal of the Vans Pro Skate Park Series is to set a global ranking system in place for park terrain skating.  The hope is that, with an established system and competition, the ‘park’ category will be further developed and elevated.  Fans and competitors of the popular skate style will have a more vested interest beyond simple recreation.
 The ultimate goal of the Vans Pro Skate Park Series 
The series has gained a ton of buzz not only due to its inclusion of 15 of the world’s top pro skaters, but also because this is the first-ever skateboarding event of its kind.  With all of the attention and interest the first qualifying event has received, the Vans Pro Skate Park Series will only continue to get bigger.  And this series will continue to establish skateboarding as a lucrative sporting category that demands the attention of the masses. 
The next qualifier takes place in Floripa, Brazil June 11.  In the meantime, you can watch the entire competition again as well as view official results and series itinerary at

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